NC24: Veuve S.S. - Traître à tout LP

released 02/16/2018

«Je le répèterai sur tous les tons: le monde n’est habitable qu’à la condition que rien n’y soit respecté.» - Georges Bataille

"Traître à tout" is relentless, gritty, and a raw barrage of hardcore punk with all the intensity/insanity and audacity of the first E.P.'s. VEUVE S.S. final LP develops a sound that is probably the most aggressive & screeching of previous recorded material: a hideous rotting beast. Combining distortion and chugging, speedy riffs to more obscure & dissonant sounds, the band crashes over a breadth of classic influences, and embodies ferocity, and self hatred. Song after song VEUVE S.S. shatter their way towards a harsh and inevitably devastating end.

Traître à tout
handmade and handscreened LP covers and lyric sheets
Artwork by Hugues/PZZL
100 on black

NC15: Henry Fonda / Burt - Split 7"

uitgebracht 02/16/2018

Dit is misschien wel de meest emotionele release van Henry Fonda tot nu toe; Tranen, angst en eeuwige liefde: Alles zit in deze twee hartverscheurende nummers.

Burt uit Saarbrücken zijn eigenlijk heel erg ontevreden over hun woonplaats, en het feite dat het zo dichtbij Frankrijk ligt. Niet alleen depressie maar ook pure haat kun je terughoren op deze zeven Thrashcore pareltjes.

Henry Fonda / Burt Split
full colour bedrukte hoes
30 op transparant vinyl met een ander etiket
20 op wit vinyl met een ander etiket

NC23: xSchmutziger Menschx - Die Deutschen sind keine Menschen CS

released on 07/28/2017

Midtempo fastcore from Hamburg/Mümmelmannsberg with nine hand grenades full of no mercy.
Ex-Morgenthau Plan & Ex-Van der Lubbe premium staff swingin' their trashwhip of punk.

Die Deutschen sind keine Menschen
co-release w/ Gafas Del Rigor
xeroxed/risoprinted cover
Artwork by Eva Müller
100 on black
sold out

NC20: Drux / Veuve S.S. - Split E.P. 7"

released on 05/20/2017

2nd press

"We don’t fake it, we just take it…" - Madball, 1994

Straight ahead 80s style influenced hardcore filled with punching mid tempo parts, showing hints of classic Boston style whilst adding a touch of NY Hardcore. On top of that DRUX have some really amazing deep and gnarly vocals. Theses are throughout a hardcore record side!

"I never even thought about whether or not they understand what I'm doing ... the emotional reaction is all that matters as long as there's some feeling of communication, it isn't necessary that it be understood." - John Coltrane

VEUVE S. S. unleash another eruption of fetid hardcore punk bile that is as unsettling as it is compelling.

Drux / Veuve S.S. Split
pro-printed six panel 7" covers
Artwork by Hugues/PZZL
200 on white

NC17: Veuve S.S. - Descente E.P. 7"

released 05/20/2017

2nd press

«L'âme, c'est la vanité et le plaisir du corps tant qu'il est bien portant, mais c'est aussi l'envie d'en sortir, du corps, dès qu'il est malade ou que les choses tournent mal.» - L. F. Céline, 1932

Veuve S.S. returns with their most ambitious record so far, Descente E.P. Two songs mixing ravaged hardcore aggressions, extending rhythms, and stomac-piercing vocals delivered with this exceptional self hatred. Their most deeply introspective and virulent musical effort.

Descente E.P.
custom handmade oversize 7" cover w/ spine & twenty pages booklet
Artwork by Hugues/PZZL
100 on black w/ white silkscreenprint