NC24: Veuve S.S. - Traître à tout LP

released 02/16/2018

«Je le répèterai sur tous les tons: le monde n’est habitable qu’à la condition que rien n’y soit respecté.» - Georges Bataille

"Traître à tout" is relentless, gritty, and a raw barrage of hardcore punk with all the intensity/insanity and audacity of the first E.P.'s. VEUVE S.S. final LP develops a sound that is probably the most aggressive & screeching of previous recorded material: a hideous rotting beast. Combining distortion and chugging, speedy riffs to more obscure & dissonant sounds, the band crashes over a breadth of classic influences, and embodies ferocity, and self hatred. Song after song VEUVE S.S. shatter their way towards a harsh and inevitably devastating end.

Traître à tout
handmade and handscreened LP covers and lyric sheets
Artwork by Hugues/PZZL
100 on black