NC09: Meurthe / Veuve S.S. - Split 12"

released on 07/19/2012

MEURTHE from Lyon, France represents the minimalist, anxiety-induced and half-improvised one man project of T.J. Handmade sounds are leaking through the unique track Ulrike Meinhof. It's about melodies, sound waves and floating rhytms shaping the limits of the dark drone that is present here.

"Ce qui caractérise l'enfer, c'est qu'on y distingue tout, jusqu'à la moindre chose, avec la dernière netteté, et ce, au milieu d'une nuit d'encre." - Yukio Mishima

VEUVE S.S. is definitely related to self-hatred, disgust & frustration. Niling the raw, noisy, devastating mood of bands like Void, Die Kreuzen or Sex/Vid, these three songs rippin' at 45 RPM made of manic vocals raging over noisy, blown out, intense hardcore, offer the occasional and necessary retreat for normal and socially well-established people, who want to release the burden of their inner thoughts, such as we all try to do.

Meurthe / Veuve S.S. Split
pro printed and hand assembled LP Cover + inlay sheets
sold out

co-release w/ Maquillage & Crustacés

Meurthe / Veuve S.S. Split testpressing
handscreened cover
12 on black w/ 2 coloured both sided silkscreenprint