NC06: Black Kites / Convulsions - Split LP

released on 07/29/2011

After two full lengths and a split LP w/ Swallowed Up, Black Kites from New Jersey deliver six fresh songs of hardcore, somewhere between bands like Deadguy, Harvest or Disembodied. An emotionally devastating assault, aurally & lyrically. It's far beyond belief, that this wall of sound is made by three guys. Convulsions from Rhode Island come around with six tracks of blind rage mixed up w/ darker, rolling riffs. Complex, abstract & disturbing songstructures in the vein of early Botch, The Dillinger Escape Plan or Kiss It Goodbye.

Black Kites / Convulsions Split
handscreened & handnumbered cover + standard cover
30 on blue w/ different labels
sold out

co-release w/ Adagio830 & Glory Kid